Cosmetic & Fragrance Packaging

Designer & Manufacturer of Cosmetic & Fragrance Components

Cosmetic Packaging

Specializing in Bottles, Jars, Containers, Specialty Items, Decorated Glass or Plastic Bottles with Embossing, Debossing Emblems & Hang Tags

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Zinc Die Casting, Rubber Molding, Injection Molding, Stamping, Screw Machining, Die Striking, Wire Forming, Riveting, Gluing and Assembling

Cosmetic & Fragrance Packaging Components:

Pressed Powder Compacts, Solid Perfume Compacts, Custom Perfume Caps and Collars, Hang Tags, Emblems, Purse Sprays, Perfume Pendants, Fashion Jewelry

Finishing & Production Techniques:

Custom Cosmetic Packaging

  1. White Metal Solid Perfume Compacts (K.J.L.)
  2. Brass Compact Polished and Plated in Imitation Rhodium Finish (Beauti Control)
  3. Metal Casted directly onto Glass & Gold Plated (Faberge)
  4. Perfume Pendants Cast in Tin, Gold Plated and attached to a 24" French Rope Chain (K.J.L. & Faberge)